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25 September 2006

Life is Journey...Have Faith

Life is journey whose ultimate and eternal destination is determined by faith and how that faith is used. Whether you acknowledge it or not, your journey began with God and will ultimately end with Him or without Him.

In this Blog, I will share my thoughts on the journey of faith. I have been blessed by our most merciful God with many wonderful faith experiences and with knowing many faithful people. It is to His glory and in humble appreciation for His blessings in my life that I dedicate this Blog

Though I would like to believe that my writings have some inspiration from God, I do not claim any special revelation from Him per se. He did not speak to me from a burning bush like He did with Moses. He did not call to me directly like He did with Isaiah, Jeremiah, Elijah or any of the other Old Testament prophets. He did not send the archangel Saint Gabriel with any special messages. He did not send His Son to find me on the shores of Galilee like He did with Saints Peter, Andrew, James and John. He did not send the Blessed Mary with messages like He did with Saint Bernadette.

No, God does not speak to me in such dramatic, direct fashion. Nevertheless, I do believe that God does speak to me. He speaks to me through the Bible. He speaks through the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church. I believe that He speaks through the words and actions of others. I also believe that God talks to me in the silence of my heart during prayer. But I do not believe that I am the only one that God is conversing with.

As the title indicates, my Blog is about the Journey of Life and the Faith that is required for it. This is a very broad topic and at this point, I have no road map for where this Blog is going to lead. I pray for inspiration and I follow that inspiration wherever it leads me.

Basically, my postings will fall into one of five categories:

1. Christian / Catholic History
2. Catholic Theology
3. Catholic Personalities (Popes, Saints, Ordinary People, etc.)
4. Faith and Other Religions, including non-Christian religions
5. My Own Faith Journey

Hopefully, you will find something useful in what I share via this Blog.

Vivat Jesus!


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