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03 October 2006

The Power of the Word

As St. John so eloquently tells us in his Gospel, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word Was God…And The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us…(John 1:1, 14).” And now over 2000 years after that extra-ordinary event, we ought to pause and reflect upon the power of that Word Who Became Flesh for us and for our salvation.

Over 2000 years ago, the Word was just a newborn baby laying in a humble manger whose birth was only known to a few people chosen by God. Today, hundreds of millions annually celebrate his birth.

In the last 2000+ years, the Word has been taught to peoples all across the globe. The Word has been translated into most human languages. Such has been the power of the Word that it has been able to unite peoples of very different cultures and histories. For the Word sees all people not by race or history or ethnicity or any other of those barriers we choose to erect to one another. The Word sees us all as children of the Word’s Father and loves us accordingly.

The Word chose twelve apostles to bring His Word to the far corners of the globe and He founded His Church so that His Word would be taught to future generations.

And the Word has seen much struggle and strife during those past 2000 years. Because the Word was not of this world, this world has time and time again sought to destroy the Word.

But the Word has survived and flourished. Such is the power of the Word that it has survived World Wars, schisms, the Reformation, scandals, and competing religions. It has suffered and triumphed over great persecutions at the hands of the Roman Empire, the French Revolution, barbarians, Nazis, Communists, Muslims, and a long, long line of dictators. The Word has overcome the most vial and base aspects of the human souls whom the Word came into the World to reform and liberate.

The Word even survived and overcame assaults upon himself while he was on earth. The Word flourished on earth despite rejection and doubt, treachery and deceit, and countless other evils. The Word has even survived His own Crucifixion, rising again triumphantly on the third day. Such has been the power of the Word.

But the Word’s Power is not Power in the Sense of this world. In this world, power is attributed to military strength, political influence, and strong economies. Power is seen as the ability to influence others. Too often, power is imposing one’s will upon others against their will. Too often, power is oppression, exploitation, control and repression.

But the Power of the Word is not of this world. His power is forgiveness, compassion and mercy. His power is doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. His power is love your neighbor as yourself and love God above all else.

The Word’s power liberates, not imprisons; it uplifts, not suppresses; it seeks to promote the best in people, not draw out the worst.

The Word is a promise: a promise of salvation and redemption, a promise of a better world than this, a promise of a world without end with the Word in Heaven with the Father.

May the Word be with us always. May we ever be mindful of the love that brought us the Word and sustains us through the Word. May we always be thankful for the Power of the Word. May the Word always animate and inspire our hearts, minds and souls for His greater glory.


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