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08 November 2006

A Critical Time for Our Nation

We have entered a critical time for our nation. Yesterday was certainly not a good day for supporters of life. Today, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for two cases dealing with the Federal ban on partial birth abortion.

By the narrowest of margins, Missouri voters approved a highly controversial amendment to their state constitution to allow human cloning for research.

The Democrats won control of the House of Representatives and stand poised to win the Senate too if incumbent Republican Senator George Allen loses his hotly contested election battle. Throughout this year's electoral campaign, the Democrats have made it quite clear that they are friends of the abortion industry and not of the abortion industry's victims.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is expected to be chosen Speaker of the House. This does not bode well because Pelosi - a Catholic in Name Only - diligently represents an ultra-liberal, pro-choice/anti-life district from California.

"When President Bush signed the so-called 'Partial-Birth Abortion Ban' into law, he became the first President in history to ban a safe and medically-accepted medical procedure. It was a deliberate attack on reproductive health care and a violation of women's privacy and their right to make their own decisions," said Congresswoman Pelosi back in June 2004. (See )

Under Pelosi's leadership, we can expect that Congress will not be friendly to the pre-born.

The pro-life movement lost one of its strongest champions when Pennsylvania voters failed to re-elect Republican Senator Rick Santorum. We can only pray that his successor, Bob Casey Jr., will emulate his esteemed late father and follow conscience instead of party line.

Many pro-life public officials did win their re-election battles, including New Jersey's own Congressmen Chris Smith and Mike Ferguson. Ferguson won despite his opponents dispicable attacks upon his defense of the pre-born. With anti-life Democrats in charge now, we will need strong pro-life leaders like Smith and Ferguson to defend life.

Today the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for two cases that deal with the Constitutionality of the Federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban: Gonzales v. Carhart and Gonzales v. Planned Parenthood.

The Federal law banning partial birth abortions was thoroughly researched by Congress, strenuously debated and in the end, Congress made the right decision by enacting this ban. President George W. Bush signed the ban into law in November 2003. Subsequently courts in Nebraska and California declared the ban unconstitutional.

The Bush Administration has vigorously fought for life and for this partial birth abortion ban. The American Center for Law and Justice is just one of many organizations supporting this ban. The ACLJ has filed amicus curai briefs with the Court in support of the ban. See

Now it is for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether or not this monstrously barbaric procedure ought to be outlawed.

Our nation has entered a critical time. Anti-life forces have won control of the House and possibly the Senate too. The Supreme Court is now deciding the Constitutionality of the partial birth abortion ban. Now is the time for intensified pray and vocal defenses of life.

"Most merciful Father and Creator of life, we humbly beseech Thee in Thy greatness to enlighten all public leaders who hold responsibility for life issues. May Thine Holy Spirit guide them to the truth that all life is sacred from natural conception until natural death and at every single moment in between and inspire them to defend life against all attacks. In Jesus's Most Holy Name, Amen."


  • At 4:32 PM, Blogger Moneybags said…

    It was an upsetting election, but we need to move on and pray more! We certainly need to pray for the Supreme Court to uphold the Partial Birth Abortion ban.

    On the positive side, 7 states banned gay marriage and Georgia approved Choose Life License Plates.


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