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28 November 2006

Who's Who in the Rosary (Part Two - Mary)

“Hail Mary, full of grace…” the words spoken by the Angel Gabriel resound through the recitation of the Rosary and honor our Blessed Mother as she honors God through her life. Mary was chosen by God for the most important mission ever undertaken by a mortal human: being the Mother of the Saviour of the World. She shared in his life and was with him through his great trials and his greater triumphs. So as we travel through the life of Jesus in the Rosary we also travel through the life of Mary because his life was her life.

After Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Mary ever Virgin, Our Heavenly Mother, participates in the Rosary in the most prominent way. Mary appears in all five Joyous Mysteries. In the Second Luminous Mystery (the Wedding at Cana), Mary instructs “Do whatever he tells you.” Since Mary accompanied Jesus during part of his ministry, it is logical to say that she appears in the Third Luminous Mystery as well. Mary meets Jesus on the Way of the Cross (Fourth Sorrowful Mystery) and stays with him beneath his Cross at the Crucifixion (Fifth Sorrowful Mystery). Then Mary appears in all five Glorious Mysteries, from Jesus’s Resurrection to her crowning in Heaven.

The Church has long recognized the important role in human salvation that Mary performs. The Church teaches that through Mary we know Jesus.

“Mary is "blessed" because - totally, in body and soul and for ever -she became the Lord's dwelling place,” stated Pope Benedict XVI in his Homily for the Mass of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (2006). “If this is true, Mary does not merely invite our admiration and veneration, but she guides us, shows us the way of life, shows us how we can become blessed, how to find the path of happiness.”

“Everything about Mary directs us to her Son, our only Savior, in anticipation of whose merits she was immaculate and full of grace. Everything about Mary raises us to the praise of the adorable Trinity; and so it was that Bernadette, praying her rosary before the grotto, learned from the words and bearing of the Blessed Virgin how she should give glory to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,” wrote Pope Pius XII in his encyclical Le Pelerinage de Lourdes (1957).

In praying the Rosary, we honor Mary and in honoring Mary we honor her Glorious Son.


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